• Before using , we recommend vacuuming the floor first to remove large dirt.
  • You can add any detergent, white vinegar or hot water (below 50 degrees) to the spray tank if necessary.The water temperature can’t below 0 degree or higner 50 degrees.
  • To ensure a better cleaning effect, it is recommended to check the amount of water when using the spray function.
  • To avoid overflowing the water in the storage station during self-cleaning, please do not exceed the maximum water level of the storage station when adding water.
  • If the roller cleans itself in the storage station, please ensure that there is sufficient time when spinning.
  • You can use it to polish and wax floors. It is recommended to use a non-foaming floor cleaner.
  • Do not immerse the charger or the mop head in the water to avoid injury.
Product Introduction: JASHEN M12 Cordless Spinwave Mop,JASHEN Electric Mop,JASHEN Self-Cleaning Mop, Scrubber and Waxer, Polisher for Hardwood Floor, Tile Floor, Vinyl Floor, Marble Floor and Laminate Floor
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